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done Aug. 18th, 2004 @ 01:48 am
well i gave this online journal an honest stab, but no one reads it or even comments when they say they will so i think im done trying.... it was an honest few weeks lol...... good bye

peace out Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 02:43 pm
goodbye massachussetts, going back to school...
shipping my computer and such so i wont be updating for a few days
sad i know

shrooms are crazy, watch yourself.

Knock on my front door. Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 04:09 pm
Woke up to the sound of my phone ringing this morning.
It was my friend Alex, hes a good guy. Anyways he wanted to go see Collateral, the new movie with Tom Cruise. We went saw the movie and on the way back I was staring out at the overcast drizzly day and started thinking about "the felling" you get from old memories, and how I remember "the feeling" I used to get going to movies with friends in comparison to the feeling I get now only looking back an hour or so.
Its really weird, not bad, but definitiely weird. Now I'm down in my room and I was actually going to start packing some stuff up when I realized I am moving out for good.

I have so many posters on my walls and old memories down here that I actually got frustrated realizing I won't have space for everything at my new home, The Village.

welll... i just got interrupted by my parents for quite the conversation

apparenlty my uncle, and my cousing are both in jail, my grandparents are seperating, and my grandma is going to be living here in my old room upstairs.
def. have to go

This is the scam attempted on me. Luckily I was warned. Aug. 14th, 2004 @ 07:12 pm
The African Car Buyer Scam

A popular scam that has victimized many used car sellers is one in which the proposed buyer is nearly always from Africa, and more than likely from Nigeria.

How does it work?
You advertise your used car for sale in a newspaper classified ad or on an "auto trader" website. Your car may be one that is in less-than-perfect condition and has high mileage such that it may be difficult to find a buyer. You are anxious to sell.

You are contacted by an interested buyer who wants your car and is willing to pay your price, sight unseen. He tells you that he lives in Africa and that he will arrange to have the car picked up and shipped to him. He offers to send you a cashier's check right away.

You receive the cashier's check but the amount is more than the agreed-on price of the car. You deposit the check at your bank. The bank credits your account for the amount of the check, although the check has not actually cleared yet.

Uh-oh! Something's wrong
Meantime, the buyer contacts you again and tells you he mistakenly sent you too much money, and asks you to send him a money order or cashier's check for the excess amount, which might be a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. You do it.

A day or so later, the buyer contacts you again and informs you that he has changed his mind about purchasing your car, and asks you to send him the rest of the money. You do it.

It gets worse
The bank calls you a few days later and informs you that the cashier's check from the buyer is counterfeit and worthless. They debit your account for the full amount of the check.

They now want you to make good on the checks you've written from your account. Whatever money of your own that was in your account is now gone. The bank claims no responsibility in the matter.

You're out of luck
The "buyer" was using a bogus name and can't be located. You still have your used car and now owe the bank a substantial amount of money.

The details on this scam may vary, but the basic operation is always the same: bad cashier's check in payment for a used car, followed by a request for refund before the check clears the bank.

Don't get caught in this one. Many people have.

the return of WALbridge Aug. 14th, 2004 @ 06:18 pm
As I'm sure the two people that actually read my online journal have noticed, I have not posted for a little over a week. I apologize, but it was for a very, very good reason. I was in Lake Tahoe with Katie. It was a mixed emotioin trip to say the least.
It was obviously wicked great to see Katie again as well as spend the week with her (and suprisingly enough, get to sleep in the same bed with her). But at the same time it was very, how should I say this, interesting being around her parents an entire week as well. They are very confusing, strange, rich, and sometimes unreasonable people. On the upside they are also very very very generous, as well as nice, welcoming, caring for their children, and moderately understanding of others. Katie's relatives including her brother and two cousins were cool to hang around, but also seemed to share a doublesided view of me. A view I did not hear first hand, or expect. Her uncle was awesome. Damn good at Texas Hold Em' as well. He was very kind the entire trip and, aside from Katie, was one of the only people that I felt showed any interest in what I was thinking. Katie's Mom for some reason was absolutely hell bent on not bringing, or having me privately transported to the airport. She went so oddly out of her way to keep Katie and I away from the airport as a pair that she actually called and paid for a shuttle that was 30 minutes away, and then preceeded to wait for forty-five minutes for the shuttle to come. This wouldn't be so strange had the airport not been more than 45 minutes away, and had she not continually lied about the distance of the airport.
But, hey, I'm just venting because I am very confused and don't understand some people as well as i would like to. Overall I was treated very well on my trip to Lake Tahoe and enjoyed the copmany of everyone I met a great deal.
Plus I got to do some pretty cool shit with Katie too!

Motorcycle is on its way to Arizona, as will the majority of my remaining belongings by weds. Getting overcharged by The Village by 35 dollars a month b/c of something I like to call "my luck". Had a scam artist buy my car, also something caused by "my luck". But I must have accidentally stolen some of Katie's good luck because, eventough I will be lonely for the next few nights, I get to be with Katie for a very long time starting weds. It could be the beginning of another great time for us. Love you hun.

Dogs are barking, gotta run.
Katie... If you don't like this journal because of all the family talk, let me know i'll understand. I was reluctant to post it, not knowing if you would be offended for anyreason. I only opted to post it because you seemed to show similar views on vacation
Other entries
» another wonderful day
on motorcycles there is no warning light to tell you when your gas tank is low.
im sure you can tell this story is going to be interesting already
anyways, there is however a reserve part of your tank that you can switch to and ride for 45 miles if you run out of gas. So i was on my way back from class where i took a final (that i bombed) a week early for someone who just bitched at me for 10 minutes and ran out of gas on the way back... on the highway... no problem though ill just switch to the reserve tank
the knob for the tank was missing so i had to use my toool kit to turn it
now it should work.
the bike was on an incline because i was on the exit ramp and i couldnt get it started because the gas wasnt flowing to where it should.
so i called my house
got bitched out by my parents but they were coming with gas
i got sick of waiting, turned the bike facing the opposite way of the exit ramp and got the thing started rode home only to find my mom pissed off and my dad already gone on his way to help me....
great way to top off a day at work where i already didnt feel well and couldnt talk to my girlfriend because i cant afford enough fucking minutes....ahhh i cant wait for vaca with her
i need this time off so bad
i need this time with her even more

» one more
only one more day of work
only one more class of summer school
only one more day until i see katie
only one more week with my friends here
only one more dollar in my bank account, ha ha

off to class i go
» slide along side
well i got out of work at about two today, went to compusa to buy a mouse. they were all shitty. went to best buy bought a mouse. drove to the car wash. got my car washed three times (its still dirty) took pictures of my car to put it up for sale, did some laundry, installed my new mouse, really hard shit i know, lol. found my registration. got my inspection sticker for my bike finally, set up an appt for me to get some other work done. cleaned my room a little. studied some for my calc 2 final tomorrow. had a 30 minute convo about a sn. kissed a picture, again.
and now i feel shitty for some reason....
im gonna go see if theres anything worthwhile to eat. thatll either really help or really hurt.

only one way to find out
» make it stop
this day has been very annoying. plastic cover broke under my fat ass so i stepped in coolant and had to walk around all day with a wet shoe, left early so i could get my new tire on my bike only to end up standing at the fucking motorcycle guys shop for 3 hours in the heat while he does this does that and in the middle picks away at my tire. then i asked him inspect the bike so i could get a sticker..
"Yeah, sure no problem"
45 minutes later he says hes ready and asks for my registration.
i open the back compartment on the bike only to find no registration
so i come home and on the way hear this reptitive rubbing from the front...
still dont knwo what that is but "The Motorcycle Guy" says' its fine and im just bein paranoid
anyways i couldnt find my registration...
so now i have a bike that hasnt passed inspection, and isnt registered...AT LEAST I GOT A NEW BACK TIRE! yay
and i was also supposed to take pictures of my car to sell the fuckin piece of shit, but no i got home once it was starting to get dark..... so that keeps getting put off by this and that..arghh, very annoying.
AND im already over my cell phone minutes so im going to have another nice fuckin bill ontop of having to pay for a new registration, shippin my bike to az, my insurance, and that somewhat distant idea of doing things i find enjoyable.

HEY, at least im done with work on friday
BUT DAMN, i got my calc final thurs...
» I'm not going to lie, I KISSED IT, AND I LIKED IT!
so its been forever and a day since i have posted in my journal. There is alot to catch up on and within all that stuff lies why i have been too busy to stop and write.
After an entire summers worth of shopping and saving i have a motorcyle
and one fuckin sweet one at that
its a 1999 Honda CBR900RR (cbr....CBRedrobin, get it?) the lightest and fastest street bike until 2000 when the Yamaha R1 blew it away....but now in 2004 the CBR's have redeemed themselves with the new fastest street bike the CBR1000RR.
little pointless history for you
going to tahoe with katie and fam next week, should be, well.... interesting.. still going to be fucking amazing to see her though. It has been wayy to long
plus i know how important this trip is to her and im glad i get to be a part of it.
id say we are in the clear, we made it through the summer, its amazing, was amazingly hard, but still amazing... now we get to enjoy the entire school year together its going to be wicked awesome.
got my school stuff all straightened out, got my place for next year all ready to be moved into, got a fuckin motorcycle, and only one more week of work...
ahhhh well ill finish catching up with all two of the people that read this a little later right now i have some....business... to attend to with my lover..
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